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Aug 2018 - present

Course Director

Economics Department, Yale University

Introduction to Microeconomics

July 2019


Yale Summer School, Yale University

Introduction to Data Analysis and Econometrics

Sept 2011 - May 2014, Sept 2017 - Apr 2018

Graduate Student

Economics Department, University of Michigan 

Introduction to Economics, Development Economics, Sports Economics, Money and Banking

May 2008 - July 2008

Teaching Assistant

Reed College/Park City Math Institute​

Selected student statements

A great teacher who understood the material very well.

Dr. Morar was a great teacher. She was engaging, passionate, and was able to do a great job breaking down each topic. Very good at explaining hard concepts

Daniela is the only reason I was able to get through this course. She always has office hours to help students through their problem sets and she is able to explain the problems really well.

Wonderful!!!!!! Incredibly helpful!!!! Love her, super approachable.

Prof. Morar is amazing! She was super helpful at office hours and very willing to stay after section to help explain concepts. Also, she is very good at explaining concepts in a simple and clear manner. 10/10 would recommend.

Daniela was a great instructor. Her office hours were always extremely helpful, and she was always present to answer questions and help with technical difficulties in lectures (even when she was sick and should have stayed home to recover). She was also always willing to answer questions and give supplementary help to any student who needed it.

Amazing! I enjoyed her engagement and dedication to bettering this course and helping us contend with the many changes that were occurring this semester. She also helped clear up a lot of subjects and the practice problems she went over during section were critical to our understanding.

Daniela is the best. Engaging, patient, hardworking. 

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Very nice and helpful! She always answered questions I had in a way that I could understand. You can tell she has a real love for economics.

I got assigned to one of Daniela's sections and I really enjoyed having her as my TF. Most of my learning in this class took place in section, and she was always very clear and went through each problem as slowly as we needed her to. She was very helpful in office hours and always responded promptly to emails with questions. 

Professor Morar was highly organised and very helpful - I felt confident that if I faced a problem I could have approached her and she would have made her best effort to assist me.

I love Daniela!! She was so helpful on all the problem sets.

Dr. Morar was excellent. She was always available to help outside of class and quite responsive via email especially in anticipation of midterms or the final. 

Daniela is fantastic. She is well prepared, disciplined, organized, and extraordinarily intelligent. She does a great job explaining concepts, ideas, and problems to students and drawing neat and clear diagrams to illustrate what she is saying. She is great at responding to students in a clear and concise way and her section and office hours are always very useful to better understand that concepts discussed in class. 

AMAZING teacher. She is extraordinary.

Dr. Morar is an excellent TF. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, and engaging.

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